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Canternet (the IRC network we use) also has a few rules you must follow:
  1. No spamming/flooding
  2. No abusive bots, i.e. a bot that attempts to take over channels, mass message users outside of their channel, or attempt to disrupt the network. (In #BronyTV you shouldn't even have a bot unless an admin gives you permission)
  3. Do not send malware or send malicious links to other users
  4. You may not use the network to attempt to gain access to another user's system
  5. No anti-pony hate spam
  6. No ban evading. This also applies to channel bans
  7. No impersonating network staff or members of pony related sites (This means anyone that has +v or higher channel mode, shown in our chat as one of the following prefixes, +, %, @, &, and ~)

Failure to follow these rules will result in a network wide ban, not allowing you access to any pony IRC channels on Canternet such as EverFree Radio, Equestria Daily, Luna Radio, Filly Radio, and many more wonderful channels.

Failure to follow any of the rules on this page may result in actions being taken by our moderation team, up to and including a permanent ban from all BronyTV channels. As per Canternet rules, trying to evade this ban can and will result in a network-wide ban.

Thank you for choosing BronyTV for your #1 Brony Stream site!