(Ir)regular Schedule of Events:

If you have any ideas for things we can stream, please send an email to us!

Twitchy After Dark

Thursday Evenings

Join Catnickfl, Lightning Ferron, Ditznata, Phasor, Dusk and of course Twitchy every Thursday night at 10 pm for Twitchy After Dark where they TRY to stay on topic and discuss the previous episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Discord... I mean Magic...

Random Pony / Social Night!

Friday Evenings

The name says it all. Every Friday Evening at 6PM, we will start out with a short PMV mareathon, and then at 8pm (if there's enough interest) we will proceed on to Social Night, with a video hangout and a game of Pretend You're XYZZY, which is based on Cards Against Humanity. After that the mareathon will continue all the way through until Boiler Barn the next morning! Hosted by Mirality.

Boiler Barn!

Saturday Mornings

Great music from great DJs! Join us at 8 AM every Saturday morning just before the new episode! Brought to you in part by Ponyville FM.

New Episode Mare-a-thons!


Our mane event! On new episode Saturdays, we'll be doing a short episode Mare-a-thon starting at 9:20 am, leading up to the new episode, livestreamed from Discovery Family. Afterwards, there will be a short intermission followed by a re-airing of the new episode.

No Hooves Barred!

Sunday Evenings

Ponyville Live's most frequently played podcast: Where advice, politics, comedic banter and nonsensical philosophy become one! With your hosts SlightlyShade, Amonisis, and HannahK. Catch it here live Sunday nights at 10:00 PM. Check out their blog for past episodes!

All events are subject to change without prior notice. All listed times are US Eastern Time.